Sunrisers met at the Multnomah Hotel in the 1950s

The Origins

Sunrise Toastmasters was chartered in March, 1954 through the efforts of Glen Meek, an Oregonian employee. Mr. Meek belonged to two Toastmaster clubs which met in the evening, and he started Sunrise Toastmasters for the members of those two clubs who found evening meetings inconvenient. Sunrise Toastmasters was one of seven Toastmaster clubs founded by Mr. Meek, and he was awarded the title of Honorary Past District Governor for his work.

Our Proud History

From its early days meeting at the Multnomah and Hoyt Hotels to its current location at the Standard Building, Sunrise Toastmasters has established a number of cherished traditions and memories, including summer picnics and the annual holiday party, all of which reflect the club’s commitment to building strong relationships and helping individuals actualize their full potential, personally and professionally.

Celebrating long-time member Dick Vaughn's birthday

Meet Our Officers

Our dedicated group of club officers work to provide a supportive and engaging environment for members to achieve their communication goals.

Tom Hickey


Every organization needs a leader, and Sunrise is no different. Tom Hickey, a long-standing club member, is our president. He presides over meetings and works to ensure our club thrives.

Heather R.

VP of Membership

Heather is a dynamic and personable leader who supports Sunrise’s growth and success through her active participation.

Phil Yien

VP of Education

Phil is an experienced and dedicated Vice President of Education at Sunrise Toastmasters, who is passionate about helping members achieve their personal and professional goals.

Marili Reilly


Marili, our detail-oriented Treasurer, manages the club’s finances with precision and ensures its financial stability through effective budgeting.

Kamran Hughes

VP of Public Relations

Kamran is a creative VP of Public Relations, who is dedicated to promoting the club’s mission and increasing its visibility in the community.

Kathy Phillips


The always-organized Kathy plays a key role in the club’s operations by maintaining accurate records and managing communications.

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